Finding relief from back pain

May 03, 2012

As the weather warms up and outdoor activities increase, don't let back pain stop you from doing the things you enjoy.

Back pain, especially low back pain, is very common. Rest, heat/ice applications, and/or physical therapy can resolve the pain for some people. In other cases, the pain can be so bothersome that every day activities become difficult or impossible to complete.

Depending on the cause of your back pain, there are different kinds of pain management injections that may help you find relief.

  • If your back pain is caused by inflammation, a herniated disc, spinal stenosis or spinal degeneration, an epidural steroid injection may help. Anesthetic and steroids are injected directly into the affected area. Pain relief can last a few weeks or even permanently.
  • If a tight muscle knot is causing your pain, a trigger point injection may be recommended. Anesthetic is injected into the muscle to relax it and ease the pain.

We offer both kinds of injections, along with many others. Visit our website for more information about our pain management procedures. Injections must be ordered by your doctor/healthcare provider and in most cases are covered by insurance.

Here's to a happy, pain free summer.


David A. Asinger, MD
Musculoskeletal and Neuroradiologist
Medical Director, Suburban Imaging - Maple Grove

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