Five Helpful Tips for Claustrophobia During an MRI

Jul 07, 2015

Five helpful tips for dealing with claustrophobia and anxiety during an MRI exam.

  1. Oral sedation
    Sedation helps relax you during the exam. You will need someone to bring you to and from your appointment, as you will be unable to drive for the next 12 hours.
  2. Call button
    You are given a call button for the duration of the exam. You are able to press the button and the technologist will stop the exam and talk to you.
  3. Headphones
    You are given headphones to wear as the machine does make noise during the exam. Music is a great anxiety reducer.
  4. Cloth over eyes
    Having a wash cloth placed over your eyes can help reduce anxiety because you are unable to see your surroundings.
  5. Open MRI options
    Suburban Imaging offers two kinds of Open MRI scanners:
    - A short bore scanner, which has a wider opening, located at Suburban Imaging Coon Rapids.
    - A traditional open MRI scanner, which is open on three sides, located at Suburban Imaging Burnsville.

The technologists and staff at Suburban Imaging strive to make your exam comfortable and easy. If you experience any anxiety before or during your exam, share your concerns with your technologist; they are happy to help you.

Category: Patient Care

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