Breast Cancer Survivor Stories: Becky

Oct 13, 2015

"This is what I am doing to take care of myself...this is a powerful thing that you can do for yourself and for your family - so just go get your mammogram," says Becky, a breast cancer survivor.

Becky shares her experience at The Breast Center of Suburban Imaging in Coon Rapids, MN. Becky's doctor felt something suspicious during her clinical exam and referred her to The Breast Center for a diagnostic mammogram.

Video transcript:
"Well I have to say, and because I manage a reproductive health clinic, I know how important is when patients walk in the door that they're welcomed and that it's orderly, and that it's calm, and that you have a sense that you're exactly in the place that you need to be. And I absolutely remember feeling that way when I was here. And I knew that I wasn't here really for a screening mammogram, that I was here for a diagnostic mammogram.

"The breast cancer was identified with an exam with my doctor, which was interesting because I was pretty mindful about doing them myself. It was way in the back next to my chest wall and I couldn't have felt it. She did, and she just said you know I think we should follow up on this. And then it all happened very quickly after that.

"It was a lot of blur for those first few days, but I remember being here and I remember Carol to be perfectly honest with you. I just remember Carol. You know, I don't know when I came to know that she too was a breast cancer survivor but that was very powerful for me to be sitting with a woman that had had that news at one time. Because of the experience that I had here and that I have had with Carol, I was really safe here, because it was what they do. They go quickly and they tell, you know, they guide you through the whole experience.

"And I, I just remember thinking this is powerful. I have this available to me and this is not an assault on me. This is what I am doing to take care of myself. And I really feel like if I get my head in that place, and when I talk to other women about it, it's exactly that. It is a powerful thing that you can do for yourself and for your family. So just go get your mammogram."

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