Breast Cancer Survivor Stories: Janet

Oct 27, 2015

"Get your mammogram, and don't be afraid," says Janet, a breast cancer survivor.

Janet shares her experience at The Breast Center of Suburban Imaging in Coon Rapids, MN. Janet was diagnosed with breast cancer after coming in for a screening mammogram. She describes how everything fell into place starting at The Breast Center.


Video Transcript:
"The atmosphere is warm and calm when you come in, it doesn't feel like a clinic. And so right away it's obvious someone's thinking about us, not just efficiency and all the sterile kind of stuff that we tend to associate with our medical care.

"I was in my mid-forty's I believe when I first came. After that I would come every year and I skipped, for some reason I skipped a year, and in 2012 that was the year I had skipped. It had been two years. That's when I had the diagnosis of cancer. But once I did get the diagnosis, the nurse kind of walked me through: here is where you should go, here's the surgeon, and I've been through this and that was very encouraging because she could tell me...well, just knowing someone who’s been through this and is here to tell me twenty years later whatever it was, many years later, she was ok.

"So just a lot of aspects from the people, to the setting of the place, the atmosphere and the care in the procedure. I was referred to the surgeon, and then my chemotherapy doctor, my oncologist, and everything just fell into place starting here. And I'm just really thankful for that because here I am.

"I just want to encourage people to don't skip it. Don't be lazy; I was just lazy about making the phone call and making the appointment. Life gets busy. But it doesn't take that long and it doesn't hurt. And it's really important. Get your mammogram, and don't be afraid."

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