Four Tips for a Pain Free Mammogram

Oct 20, 2015

Some women have expressed concern about getting a screening mammogram because it may hurt. Put those worries aside; at The Breast Center of Suburban Imaging, we will make sure your experience with us is a comfortable one. Here are four tips for a pain free mammogram. 

"Hi, I'm Joni, a mammographer here at The Breast Center of Suburban Imaging. Having a screening mammogram is an important choice you can make positively impact your health.

"Some women have expressed concern that they are anxious about getting a mammogram because it may hurt. Put those worries aside. Here at The Breast Center we will take care of you and make your experience a comfortable one. 

"Here are four tips for a pain free mammogram.

  1. Schedule your mammogram for one week after your cycle. Prior to a woman's cycle, her breasts may retain water and feel painful. This can cause a mammogram to be uncomfortable. For postmenopausal women, breasts may feel tender at certain times of the month due to a fluctuation in hormones. Keep track of those times of tenderness to know when it is the right time to schedule your mammogram.
  2. Take a pain reliever one hour prior to your appointment. Choose any pain reliever that works best for you.
  3. Avoid caffeine, or at least limit your caffeine intake, for a few days prior to your mammogram. This includes coffee, soda, and even chocolate. Caffeine increases the levels of cortisol, which can result in breast tenderness.
  4. And last: talk with your technologist. Ask her to explain what will take place during your mammogram, how much compression is involved, and how long for compression will last. Knowing what to expect can decrease anxiety and help you feel more relaxed through the process.

"At The Breast Center of Suburban Imaging, we are experts at what we do. We want you to feel comfortable and have the best possible experience with us."

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