3 Things to Know About Lung Cancer Screening

Nov 03, 2015

CT lung cancer screening allows healthcare providers to “make the diagnosis and treat as early as possible, which in turn results in better outcomes for the patient,” says Dr. Aaron Binstock, a radiologist at Suburban Imaging.

Dr. Binstock shares three things to know about lung cancer screening, including:
-What is the goal of lung cancer screening?
-What is the test?
-Who should be screened for lung cancer?



Video transcript:

The approval and coverage for low dose lung cancer screening is great news for those patients who may be at high risk for developing lung cancer.

1. What is the goal of lung cancer screening?
Well we perform this test on an annual basis and we want to detect early lung cancer so that the physician can make the diagnosis and treat as early as possible, which in turn results in better outcome for the patient.

2. What is the lung cancer screening test?
Well, this is a CT of the chest, going through the lungs, and what's different about this test is it's a very low dose of radiation. The test is very easy, it requires no IV, no fasting and it takes about five minutes to complete.

3. Who should be screened for lung cancer?
First of all there's an age criteria. It is between the ages of 55 and 77. We're also looking for patients who are at high risk for lung cancer, meaning those who have smoked for a very long time or who have had a heavy history of smoking, even if that person has quit within the last fifteen years. 

It is very important for every patient to understand the risks and benefits of this examination. These should be discussed with your primary care physician, and at that time determine if you are a right candidate for CT lung cancer screening.

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