Open MRI – A Comfortable Exam for Claustrophobic Patients

Feb 23, 2017

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an imaging tool that creates detailed pictures of the inside of the body. From a torn ACL in the knee to specialized exams that look at intestines, liver or prostate, MRI collects important information about bones, organs, tissues and other parts in the body. 

While an MRI exam can help determine a diagnosis, it can be stressful for some patients. In a typical MRI scanner, the patient lies on a bed inside of a long tube-shaped cylinder. Claustrophobia and anxiety can be induced since the tube surrounds the body and has openings only at the head and feet. 

Another type of MRI scanner, called Open MRI, is usually open on two or three sides and provides a more relaxed and less confining environment – making the exam less stressful for the patient. Suburban Imaging offers two types of Open MRI scanners:

Open MRI at Suburban Imaging – Burnsville
This Open MRI scanner is more open all around the body and is not tube-shaped.



Open Bore MRI at Suburban Imaging – Coon Rapids
Open Bore MRI uses a shorter and wider cylinder shape, similar to a CAT scan. There is more open space between the patient and the machine.



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