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May 21, 2018


If your child needs to have an imaging exam, like an x-ray or ultrasound, exceptional care is available right in your neighborhood. In what can often be a scary or anxious situation, the highly-skilled medical staff at Suburban Imaging provide a comfortable experience for you and your child.

A range of pediatric imaging exams are available for infants, children and teens, including x-rays, ultrasound, CT and MRI. Request Suburban Imaging if your child needs an imaging exam.

In the event that your child does need radiology services, here is what you can expect during your child’s imaging exam:

  • The technologist will explain the exam to you and your child.
  • You may stay in the room with your child throughout the imaging exam.
  • In some cases, bolsters and/or stabilizing devices need to be used to help your child remain as still as possible during the exam. Movement during the exam can blur the images, making it difficult for the radiologist (physician) to make a diagnosis.
  • The technologist operates the imaging equipment and ensures high-quality images are obtained.

After your child’s imaging exam, the images are interpreted by a board-certified radiologist. The results are sent to your healthcare provider, who will inform you of the results.

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