Tomo (3D) Mammography Now Available at The Breast Center of Suburban Imaging

Jun 11, 2018

Request your annual screening mammogram with tomo (3D) technology – it’s a piece of cake! Fine details are more visible and no longer hidden because breast tissue can be seen layer by layer. 

A Tomo (3D) screening mammogram is more accurate for women of all ages, which means decreased need for additional tests. Tomo (3D) mammography also has a higher breast cancer detection rate for women with both dense and non-dense breasts. The exam has comparable compression to a standard 2D mammogram, and the exam time is the same. Check with your insurance provider to verify coverage.

In addition to tomo (3D) screening mammograms, The Breast Center of Suburban Imaging also offers tomo (3D) diagnostic mammography and stereotactic breast biopsies with tomo (3D).


About The Breast Center of Suburban Imaging

The Breast Center of Suburban Imaging offers comprehensive breast care services in Coon Rapids, MN. The Breast Center has served clinics, healthcare providers and patients in the northwest metro for more than 25 years.

The Breast Center is operated by dedicated board-certified breast imaging radiologists (physicians) who are committed to early detection. Experienced imaging technologists offer exceptional and compassionate care. Patients and healthcare providers can expect prompt results.


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