Mammography Myth #06: I don’t have any symptoms of breast cancer or a family history, so I don’t need to have an annual mammogram.

Oct 21, 2019


Mammography Myth #06: I don’t have any symptoms of breast cancer or a family history, so I don’t need to have an annual mammogram.

Fact: The American College of Radiology recommends annual screening mammograms for all women over the age of 40, regardless of the absence of symptoms or family history. Early detection is critical. If you wait to have a mammogram until you show any symptoms of breast cancer, such as a lump or discharge, the cancer may be more advanced. According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer, when detected in an early stage, has a five-year survival rate of 99 percent. Conversely, later-stage cancer has a five-year survival rates of only 27 percent.

Additionally, more than 75 percent of women who have breast cancer have no family history.

If there isn’t a palpable lump, how can a mammogram be beneficial?

A mammogram can show breast lumps up to 2 years before they can be felt. Different tests help determine if a lump may be cancer. Lumps that aren’t cancerous tend to have different physical features than ones that are. Imaging tests such as mammograms and ultrasounds can often see the difference.

Why should you have an annual screening mammogram?

Early detection saves lives. Since 1990, there has been a 30% decrease in breast cancer mortality rates in the U.S., which is due in large part to the early detection of breast cancer through screening mammography.

Suburban Imaging offers both 2-D and Tomo (3-D) screening mammography at three clinic locations (Suburban Imaging – BlaineSuburban Imaging – Burnsville and The Breast Center of Suburban Imaging, which is located in Coon Rapids).  Check with your health insurance plan to verify coverage of 3D mammography prior to scheduling.

To learn more about screening mammography and to find scheduling information, please visit our website here.

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