Oncology Services

The radiologists at Suburban Imaging are a key component in every step of cancer care, from cancer screening and diagnosis to treatment and follow-up.

Often, cancer is first discovered through an imaging exam, like a CT scan or a mammogram. The radiologist interprets the images, and if an area of concern is identified, immediately notifies the referring healthcare provider and recommends additional testing or a biopsy.

Suburban Imaging radiologists perform many different kinds of biopsies, at Suburban Imaging clinics or at the hospital, depending on the type of biopsy.

A specialized core group of oncology radiologists from Suburban Imaging work closely with oncologists, surgeons and other specialties. By using imaging such as PET, MRI or CT, the physicians work together to determine the response to cancer treatments like chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.

During weekly tumor conference meetings, complex cases are discussed to determine the best individualized treatment plan. Information sharing and joint case consultation takes place through videoconferencing between several locations.

Interventional Radiology
The Suburban Imaging Interventional Radiologists also play a critical role in cancer treatment and care. They perform a variety of oncology procedures at various metro and greater Minnesota hospitals, including:

PET/CT is utilized extensively for the diagnosis and follow-up care of many cancers. PET/CT is an important diagnostic tool because it shows cell activity and detailed structural anatomy. PET/CT gives a detailed picture of where a tumor is located and if it may be cancerous. PET/CT is also used to monitor the effectiveness of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

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