Mammography For Men

Reasons for male mammography 

At The Breast Center of Suburban Imaging, male patients undergo a diagnostic digital mammogram – a low-dose x-ray exam of the breast tissue. Mammograms are performed when an abnormality is detected by you or your healthcare provider. Reasons for male mammograms may include the following:

  • Firm breast lump
  • Enlarging mass
  • On-going breast pain
  • Nipple changes or discharge
  • Males on long-term estrogen therapy
  • Patients who have Klinefelter’s syndrome or others who may be at a higher risk for breast cancer 

What happens during your exam

You will be escorted to an exam room and asked to remove your shirt. A specially qualified technologist will position your breast on the mammography unit and use a compression paddle to secure firm pressure on your breast. Breast compression may cause discomfort, but should not be significantly painful. The compression paddle will automatically release when the image has been acquired (usually a few seconds). The technologist will take a front and side view of both of your breasts for comparison purposes. The exam takes approximately 15 minutes.

Family members are invited to accompany you to this visit, but for privacy reasons are not allowed in the room during the exam. After the necessary imaging has been completed, family can be invited to participate in the results discussion and/or the consultation process.

All breast imaging exams are performed under direct supervision of a radiologist. The radiologist will read your mammogram and you will be informed of the results before you leave. If additional testing, such as ultrasound, is recommended by the radiologist, the exam may be performed at the time of your appointment.  

A copy of all test results will be sent to your healthcare provider.

If you have any questions, please call The Breast Center Nurse at 763.795.0704.

For more information:
Download the patient brochure (PDF)

Additional information:
Gynecomastia, a male breast condition

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